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Privacy Policy Legacy Jerusalem

Epsilon Delta hotels Ltd. (hereinafter: "Legacy Hotels" or "The company" ) values your privacy, and make great effort in order to protect your information, and acts in accordance with the Israeli Privacy Protection law of 1981 and all of the regulations promulgated thereunder.

Through this Privacy Policy whenever referred to “you” or “yours”’ the intention is to all users that uses our services (as defined below) and all personal data and other provided data (as defined below) refers to user’s data.

The Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal and other data (as defined herein) that we collect about users of the services (as defined herein), how we collect and use such data, including collecting (inter alia via cookies), saving, processing, sharing the data with third parties, etc..

All as described under the following conditions:

  1. Using the company’s website (Hereinafter "The Site") including registering, browsing, or signing in to the site will be deemed as a confirmation that you have read and agreed the privacy policy and legacy hotel procedures and that you agree that Legacy Hotels will use the information about you, including processing (including collecting, using, disclosure, holding, or moving) of data, based on the terms of this policy.
  1. The information provided to Legacy Hotels and/or are held about you, may be held and processed by computer files and/or written documents.
  2. It is clarified that the users are not required to provide personal information. However, you agree and acknowledge that some of the services offered on the site require personal information provision.
  3. This privacy policy does not require Legacy Hotels to collect and retain information, and Legacy Hotels may, at its sole discretion, delete or avoid collecting and/or saving any data including personal information.
  4. while browsing website, legacy hotels may collect information as mentioned below:
    • Information that is being provided proactively: information provided by you directly to the company (including via phone call), and indirect information that was provided to the Company by third parties (e.g. through travel agents). This includes the possibility of collecting information as follows:

5.1.1  contacts details (name, email address, mailing address, phone number, fax number, Passport number, ID number);

5.1.2 Payment information (Payment Card: Digits and expiration date according to PCI DSS rules (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), billing address, and bank account number);

5.1.3  Demographic data (age, gender, residential address, etc.);

5.1.4  Information about family members and companions, such as names and ages;

5.1.5  Information related to your reservation, stay or visit at Legacy hotels (date of arrival and departure time, services purchased, personal preferences (as set forth below), phone call records);

5.1.6 Guest preferences (Personal Preferences), such as interests, activities, hobbies, food and beverage choices, Services, and requests for which you have notified Legacy hotels or preferences learned during your visit;

5.1.7 Information based on a geographic location or other location;

5.1.8  Photos and videos collected through security cameras  located in public areas, such as hallways and lobbies, in our properties (closed circuit television systems – CCTV and electronic card key).

5.2 Information collected while browsing the site by technical/computer means – including:

5.2.1 Cookies—some of the data stored on your computer and related to information about you. Some cookies will be deleted when closing the browser, and some are saved on your computer's hard drive or mobile device, allowing us to identify your device for future visits. Therefore, the website contains cookies and other local files. The Company may use cookies, or a configuration file stored in your browser or on your computer's hard drive or mobile device to obtain general information about your internet use. Cookies and other files containing data which are transferred to your computer and/or to your hard drive on your mobile device helps the Company improve the site and provide improved and customized service and allow the Company to avoid fraud and/or abuse.

The legal basis for information processing in cookies and other files is stipulated by your consent to the terms and conditions of the site, including the Privacy Policy subject to this document, and by the Company's legitimate interests to enable efficient, convenient, and safe use of its site.

Cookies are bound to your personal preferences, your browser may give you the ability to control cookies; certain browsers can be set to avoid cookies collection. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, please disable them by following the instructions of your browser, please note that certain features on our site may not work properly due to disabling aforementioned cookies. 

5.2.2  log files include: Internal pages/port pages, IP addresses, browser information, cookies, Internet Service Providers (ISP), platform types, and date/time stamps. This information does not reveal your identity or does not relate to any individual directly. The Company uses this information to manage the site, diagnose server malfunctions (e.g. faults, glitches, etc..),trend analysis, and keep track of aggregated user’s traffic, including statistical purposes.

  1. we use your personal data and other data solely for the purpose you have provided the information for, as detailed in this privacy policy. The information provided will be used for placing your order in Legacy hotels chain, and for providing better hospitality experience based on your preferences, using of our services.
  2. The Company may also use the information to analyze data and statistics, to comply with applicable law, and review complaints and fraud or misconduct suspicions.
  3.  We may also disclose Personal Data as we believe to be necessary or appropriate: (a) To comply with  applicable law; (b) To comply with a legal process; (c) To respond to requests from public and government authorities; (d) To enforce our terms and conditions; (e) To protect our operations; (f) To protect rights, privacy, safety or property of Legacy Hotels, yours’s or other’s; (g) To allow us to pursue available remedies or limit the damages that we may sustain.
  4. Additionally, the Company may disclose information about people who threaten and/or damage the Company and its services (such as User fraud, threat submission, spam distribution, etc...)
  5. 1 The Company may share your information with service providers and subcontractors who work with the company and/or provide specific services on our behalf in Israel and abroad (such as travel agents and various advisors) and as required to operate, maintain, and improve the site.

In addition, the Company may store information in cloud services located outside Israel, in countries with different privacy protection measures, in accordance with the applicable law. All parties to which such information are shared, will not share or use personally identifiable information for other reasons than maintaining the website and/or for the company.

  1. 12. We may disclose or transfer your Information to a third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of Legacy Hotels business and assets (including any bankruptcy or similar proceedings)
  2. The Company may also employ trusted third parties to help publishing surveys, advertising, and/or publishing content. Once these projects are completed, the Company will demand and ensure that all information is returned. In this regard, it should be noted that as a part of the services of the website, you can sign up for services and product updates provided by Legacy hotels and Afifi-Group companies (Inter alia, Nazarene tours LTD. and United buses Services import LTD.) including advertisements and marketing content. When signing up for updates, Your consent is required for saving information provided by you and for sending these updates by the company and/or by mail service providers (marketing automation).

You can Unsubscribe for the abovementioned service at any time, in which we will stop sending you updates as stated and remove you from the direct mailing list.

  1. The Company may share aggregative information with its service providers. This information does not contain identifiable information through reasonable means, and used to develop programs and content that may interest visitors.

15 Legacy Hotels implement reasonable measures to protect Personal Data according to custom procedures and applicable law and regulations. In any case of a security breach and/or confidentiality and/or integrity compromise of your personal information. The Company will act as see fit to its discretion and according to the applicable laws. In that case, you will be notified personally or by posting prominent announcement on the Legacy Hotels website as soon as possible without improbable delay, as coincides with (1) legitimate law enforcement needs or (2) the need to determine the extent of the breach and retrieving the information system back to its prior state and function.

  1. The Company limits access to your personal information for processing and to its employees on a need to know basis to do a specific job (such as a customer service representative); these people will be subject to confidentiality agreements. However, no means and/or service should be considered entirely safe, especially when the activity is online.

17.The Company examines its protocols for collecting, saving, and processing information to ensure that the collection, preserving, and processing the personal data needed to enable or improve the site. Reasonable steps applied to ensure that the personal information processed is accurate, complete, and up to date. Still, the service provision depends on website users to update or correct their personal information at any time.

  1. The site has links that lead to other sites. These sites may collect from you personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the third parties Information collection procedure or the privacy of these third parties. Using third parties services and/or links, is the users sole responsibility and/or the responsibility of these third parties.
  2. According to the applicable laws, you may have rights in connection to the personal information provided, as follows:

19.1  the right to obtain information and the right to request access to the personal information that the Company processes about you;

19.2  the right to ask the Company to temporarily or permanently stop processing all or part of your personal information;

19.3  the right to oppose processing your personal information for personal reasons or to oppose personal information processing for marketing purposes;

19.4  the right to delete your Personal Data.

19.5  the right to ask the Company to correct or update your personal information when it is not accurate or incomplete;

19.6  any other right according to the applicable law.

  1. The Company checks its compliance with these policy instructions regularly. you can turn to Legacy hotels with questions, inquiries, or complaints regarding the issues by contacting us (contact details are listed below).
  2. The Company's services are not designated for minors’ use, and the Company does not knowingly collect personal information about them. Users under 18 years must receive parental or guardian consent for information provision. If such information has brought up to the company or the company was notified through the company's information details or any other way available, that a minor has provided identifying personal information on the site, the Company will make a reasonable effort to delete this information.
  3. 22. By providing personal information to the Company according to this privacy policy, the website users, including but not limited to users from Israel and abroad, understand and express their explicit consent to this privacy policy, including data collection and processing personal information abroad. The server on which the information may be stored may be located outside the country from which you accessed the website, you residential location or from Israel where the Company is incorporated.
  4. By providing your personal information through the site, you agree and confirm that Legacy Hotels may collect, use, process, transfer and disclose your personal information, as described in Privacy Policy. You confirm that your consent is granted freely and not due to legal obligation.
  5. Legacy Hotels may change its Privacy Policy at any time. In case of a change in privacy protocols, Legacy hotels will modify this document to indicate the change. Legacy hotels will announce any significant change in this privacy policy by publishing a prominent announcement on the Legacy Hotels website. We recommend that you review this statement occasionally to learn how Legacy Hotels protects your information.
  6. 25. for further question about the privacy policy , you can contact Mr./Mrs. Samer Abu Saed by email at: samer@jerusalemlegacy.com

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